Make Every Day a Spa Day

Everyone deserves a little time to relax and recuperate every now and again, and making your way to the spa isn’t always possible. So why not bring the spa to you?

That’s right, your customers can have the full spa experience right in their very own home

Let’s start off with the centrepiece of the bathroom, the bath itself.


When it comes to the bath, there are really only two ways to go for that luxurious spa experience. Firstly, there’s the inset bath. This can be kept against a wall, with its sides encased in a beautiful tile.

Alternatively, there’s the option of a freestanding bath. These freestanding baths are incredibly eye-catching, and are just about the definition of luxury. If space isn’t a concern, then consider placing the bath in front of a window so your customers can soak up the sun while they soak in the bath.

interior design

Whichever style of bath is chosen, you’re guaranteed to get that spa sensation. Bringing the spa experience into your customer’s home requires some attention to detail, and what finer details than bathroom fixtures?


Whether it’s elegant gold or sleek silver, the choice of fixtures can have a big impact on the peaceful ambience being created. With the faucets on your bath and sink you have the option of having them mounted on the wall, or have them sitting flush with the rest of the unit. The customisability of these pieces allows your customer to put a unique spin on their home spa.

Of course, these fixtures will look a little out of place without the right wash basin.

designer bathrooms These washbasins bring an air of intimacy to the bathroom. When combined with other fixtures their sleek stylishness really stands out. Marble tile is certainly another way of bringing the look and feel of a spa into the home, but the options don’t end there.

floor tiles

Wooden style tiles can give a home spa a more natural and outdoorsy charm. Add some bird sounds and some incense to give the feeling of bathing in a serene stream at the heart of a beautiful forest. 

And what spa would be complete without some lavish lotions and aromatic oils? Of course, your customer will need somewhere to put them!

vanity unit

A simple shelving system like this can be exactly what’s needed in a home spa. Not only do they look amazing, but they also have a very practical purpose. Keeping your customer’s home spa completely clutter free can help them to stay relaxed during their “me time”.

As you can see, having a dream home spa doesn’t have to just be a dream!


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