At Versatile, we care about the environment and continually pursue solutions for a better future. We are investing in sustainable, energy saving products that lower C02 emissions and contribute to green building certifications whilst ensuring that everyone in the whole chain of our product’s life cycle are accountable.


Our products and technologies are helping to consume less energy, ensure a better indoor climate and reduce C02 emissions.


Our exclusive Low-H20 radiator that actually works with heat pumps and district heating


  • 3 times more heat output

  • Heat a room 9 times faster

  • Low Noise

  • Quick installation 

  • No need to increase the radiator size when working with heat pumps and solar thermal energy  

  • Construction Product of the Year Winner 2019

nZEB Ducted Fan Coil Units 

Including a low carbon option that introduces a new level of energy efficiency. Designers striving to develop the most energy efficient fan coil systems are, in addition to the use of EC/DC motors, increasingly making use of free cooling (when in cooling mode) and utilising condensing boilers or heat pumps for heating.


  • Special, additional heating coil designed to have negligible airflow resistance

  • Special cooling coil designed for optimum performance

  • EC\DC 

  • Lower capital cost than chilled beam equivalents

Ducted Fan Coils
Domestic MVHR.jpg

Heat Recovery Ventilation

The ComfoAir whole house heat recovery ventilation, exclusive to Versatile, can recover up to 96% of the heat. It’s the best choice for energy performance, for indoor air quality and importantly for the homeowner.


  • Unbeatable heat recovery efficiency at 96%

  • Elimination of nuisance noise 

  • Passive House Certified

  • Listed on the SEAI Triple E Register approved for energy efficiency   


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