ZBN radiant ceiling panels heat and cool a building comfortably and efficiently.

They can be used in all rooms from approx 2 m – 50 m in height and compared to other systems. ZBN radiant ceiling panels are available in many different dimensions, with the exact length tailored to the building in question.

Special versions can also be manufactured. Contact us for special versions.

  • Instalation will save upto 20% on cost of individual elements.
  • High working pressures (max. 10 bar)
  • Long panel runs (max 120m)
  • Where robustness is of importance
  • Finishes available in all RAL Colours.
  • 1.5mm Steel Plate Facia
  • Extremely quick response to temperature changes.
  • High system temperatures (max. 120°C)


nZEB Design
Zero Maintenance
Zero Dust Dispersal
Heating & Cooling

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