The Alumline proves adaptable to modern requirements, responsive to temperature changes in a timely manner, offering an energy efficient solution whilst also providing architectural freedom in design.

Zehnder Alumline heating and cooling ceiling systems can be used for sound absorption: The sound waves are absorbed by the fleece at the back and by the inserted insulation material. This results in a significant reduction of the noise level and a reduction in the reverberation time.

With alumline the special D shape of the copper pipe increases the surface area for thermal transfer to the aluminium heat conducting profile and to the sheet steel. In this way the method of transfer is utilized most effectively.

  • Efficient thermal transfer leads to high energy savings
  • Low heating flow temperatures
  • Optimum control comfort
  • Energy savings due to the higher surface temperature
  • Can be installed in the suspended ceiling or as a freely suspended installation
  • Simple installation: lightweight, delivered ready to install, simple hydraulic connection
  • Integrated sound insulation (optional)
  • Avaliable is all RAL colours.


Zero Maintenance
Zero Dust Dispersal
Heating & Cooling

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