PLANET is a collection inspired by planetary trends in colours. Its different shades are evocative of landscapes seemingly from outer space, from lunar settings to scenery typical of Mars. An extensive collection available in a wide variety of formats and finishes, Planet can be used in settings of all kinds. Its restful design comes in a choice of five attractive neutral colours in keeping with the latest chromatic trends.

Because this is a colour-body porcelain tile collection with high-tech surface properties, Planet complies with the strictest requirements of the UPEC tile classification system. This means that it can be used on floors both indoors and out, guaranteeing its success as a product. The collection has been updated by adding a 60×120 and 75×150 format and a new model in white, the colour most easily combinable with all the rest.

Available Surfaces:  Shiny, Natural, Soft & Antislip Natural
Thickness available:  10 mm, 11 mm,
Available Colors:  Anthracite, Grey, Silver, White, Bone & Mud
Antislip Rating:  R9, R10 & R12

Sizes Available

  1. 29×90 cm
  2. 30×60 cm
  3. 60×120 cm
  4. 60×60 cm
  5. 10×60 cm
  6. 75×150 cm
  7. 90×90 cm
  8. 45×90 cm
  9. 29.6×8.6 cm
  10. 30×30 cm for Mosaics
  11. 34.6×15 cm

Available in 4 different shapes

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