Wall Mounted Units


Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit

The slimline CWM chilled water fan coil unit combines fresh styling with powerful performance.  Architects and consultants now have an attractive and highly practical solution for commercial and retail fan coil applications, including hotels, bars and restaurants.

Designed for high wall mounting, the hi-level front airflow optimises the ‘Coanda’ effect, pushing air forward from the top of the unit for effective air distribution, minimising draughts.

The wall mounted CWM range is available in three models with cooling duties from 2.76 to 8.74kW at Eurovent conditions

Features include

  • High wall mounting with hi-level front airflow

  • Adjustable air deflectors

  • Wired to suit hard wired controller (CWM) or to suite infrared controller (CWM L)

  • Low sound levels

  • Low weight for ease of installation and maintenance

  • Long life EU2 filters

  • Hygienic wipe clean finish – lightweight one-piece removal cover

  • 2 or 4 pipe models available

  • Optional electric heating

Wall Mounted

Quartz Topaz

Quartz Topaz waterside control fan coil units comprise of vertical wall mounted and horizontal ceiling or void mounted units providing reliable internal climate control when cooling or heating is required.

Capacities range from 1kW to 11kW (at Eurovent conditions).

This popular competitively priced product is available as a standard chassis unit for void mounting or with a stylish cabinet for surface mounting on walls or ceilings. Chassis units may be free blow or ducted.

  • Quiet in use – room occupants will appreciate the very low sound levels

  • Class ‘O’ fire rated thermal and acoustic insulation

  • Compact, low energy motors fitted to forward curved centrifugal fans that combine with carefully matched cooling and heating coils for optimum performance.

  • All models are available with various air inlet and discharge combinations

  • Multi-speed motor – Units are available with AC or EC/DC fan motors. AC fans are fitted with a multi-tap transformer providing up to six fan speeds, whilst EC/DC fans may be used for variable speed control via a potentiometer or a 0-10V output from a digital controller

  • Quartz Topaz units are easily and safely installed – using the keyhole slots in the back panel to mount them on a wall or ceiling, or to hang from drop rods

  • Various control options are available – ranging from simple hard wired wall mounted controllers to full BMS compatibility to meet individual project requirements

  • Servicing is made easy – with simple access to the standard EU2 filter, the fan assemblies and any unit mounted controls.

  • Chassis and cased versions – providing ducted or free blow options.

  • Low noise sealed for life motor bearings

  • Drain Tray

  • Electrics Box