Guildford Indirect HIU

Guildford Indirect HIU

The Modern Solution for Apartment Heating and Domestic Hot Water Services

The Guildford HIU is suitable for all community schemes and enables LTHW from a central plant to provide heating and DHWS to each dwelling with complete hydraulic separation between the LTHW primary and secondary heating and DHWS systems.
The HIU is a complete package comprising of all components mounted on a frame, factory assembled and tested.

  • Instantaneous hot water and space heating to properties
  • Twin heat exchangers provide hydraulic separation
  • Thermostatic hot water temperature control
  • Tempering valve to prevent risk of scalding
  • Primary Differential Pressure Control Valve
  • Insulated back board, secondary heating heat exchanger & heating pipework
  • Insulated lockable cover with viewing window allows meter reading without casing removal
  • Low primary return temperature maximises system efficiency
  • Automatic Air Vent on secondary system to facilitate quick commissioning
  • Optional primary flushing bypass available
  • Option for heat meter (110mm Spool piece provided as standard)
  • Option for water meter (110mm Spool piece provided as standard)
  • Full WRAS approval

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