Heat Recovery Ventilation MVHR

Heat Recovery Ventilation with a fresh and intelligent edge. With the continued focus and drive to build highly insulated dwellings, Heat Recovery Ventilation remains the optimal solution for many homes for energy performance and the provision of good indoor air quality throughout the year. Our domestic ventilation products are Passive House certified, embodying a revolutionary approach to energy-efficient building. The Passive House standard, rooted in principles of thermal comfort and affordability, represents a hallmark of excellence in residential construction.

Our commitment to Passive House principles is exemplified in our range of Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems, designed and manufactured to meet the rigorous standards of thermal performance and energy efficiency. With years of experience in crafting ventilation solutions that seamlessly integrate with diverse dwelling designs, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive Passive House Accredited Range of MVHR Systems. From concept to execution, our products uphold the highest standards of comfort, affordability, and environmental responsibility, making them the optimal choice for energy-efficient homes.


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