Gilled Tubes

Gilled tubes (also known as finned tubes) are central to the heating or cooling of liquids and gases across many industries. With a larger surface area than plain tubes, gilled tubes enable more compact designs.

Our range of gilled tubes provide an efficient, space saving and attractive heat emitter and can be applied to glazed areas, low walls, long runs or as a feature.

Available in a wide variety of pipe diameters, lengths and RAL colours, our gilled tubes can be joined together into long runs to cater for almost all situations.

The gilled tubes are manufactured by special purpose machines, which wind a steel strip into medium or heavy weight steel tubes in a continuous spiral.

Precision engineering

The fin has a semi-flat profile with a regular crimped contact area resulting in a perfect mechanical bond all along the fin. Additionally, the fins are welded to the tube at each end which means the heat transfer properties will not deteriorate or loosen over time even in the most severe conditions.

Bespoke lengths available

Supplied in nominal lengths of 0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0m with bespoke lengths and heavy weight tube available on request

Wall or floor-mount installation

Floor or wall mounting brackets available – can be powder coated to match the tubes.

  • Manufactured from seamless steel tube to BS 1387
  • All steel continuous gilling
  • Perfect mechanical bonding of gills onto pipe
  • Plain, screwed or reduced tube ends
  • Powder coated to any RAL colour
  • Sizes 15mm to 100 Nominal Bore
  • Individual lengths up to 3m​
  • Medium or heavy weight tube

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